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headerImage-BBitB_JoshuaWhy Joshua is the Best Book in the Bible– Pastor Nate is at it again with another excellent installment in his “Best Book” series. I highly recommend bookmarking the whole BBB series and referring to it regularly as you study God’s word. (And pass it on to your pastor. He might like it, too!)

mind-thinkYou Don’t Need a Decoder-Ring to “Get” the Bible– We shouldn’t act as though the Bible has hidden knowledge that only an elite few can access. That is the way of the mystical guru, who offers esoteric nonsense—absurdities in place of true wisdom. But the message of the Bible—at least in its basic message—is plain to all.


Card15THAT’S How You Say It? 9 Words with Tricky Pronunciations– If you read a lot, you probably have an excellent vocabulary. But it also means that you may know a lot of words that you’ve only seen in writing and never heard spoken aloud.


80s TV Sings Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen– If this guy didn’t use some kind of search software, this is pretty impressive.

Love3-300x200To Warn Is to Love– Believers are called to warn, to challenge, to alert, and to rebuke when necessary. Again, this is something we do not because we hate folks but because we love them. It is a failure to love to refuse to warn someone of some great danger ahead.

Turn-Your-Gaze-To-Heaven-1‘Turn Your Gaze to Heaven’ Conference Lands Church in Hot Water– It became clear that someone at the city had heard a radio spot for the church’s upcoming “Turn Your Gaze to Heaven” conference and thought it was a homosexual rehabilitation event. (Please be advised that LarkNews is SATIRE. It’s like a Christian version of The Onion.)

women_in_the_workplace_315_209_904 Ways to Better Engage Women in the Workplace– Do you have any suggestions about how our women’s ministry can engage professional women more effectively and encourage them as they minister in their workplaces?