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Advent ReadingMy Favorite Advent Reading– Looking for a good read for Advent? Check out one of these!



Random-Sox-690x31612 Random Questions to Ask About Your Church this Week– We know what questions we often ask about our churches. Is the church growing? Are we meeting budget? Are we making disciples? Take some time today to evaluate your church via these somewhat “random” questions…


legoslipper(1)Anti-Lego Slippers– Lego knows their products have elicited many a “yowza!” and “Junior, come pick up your Lego pieces right now!” That’s why the company let Brand Station, a French advertising agency, create protective Lego slippers as part of a holiday promotion.


Penguins’ Daring Attempt to Escape from Zoo


image-563a36a048417-defaultJoel Osteen or Fortune Cookie? Quiz– And then it struck me–there is very little difference between Joel and those fortune cookies (except that the cookies are delicious, of course). And now, to prove it, I will give you these twelve quotes. You tell me which are from the fortune cookies and which are from Joel Osteen.


woshipsongratingsWorship Song Ratings– Music is a subjective thing for most people and hard to rate for everyone.  But the lyrical content can be rated as to how well it upholds Biblical teachings … or not.  Our ratings are based on a four star system as follows…


scripture-memorizationHow to Memorize Entire Books of the Bible– I’ve used this memorization strategy to recite dozens of verses at a time, so I know it works.  If you make the decision to spend about 10 minutes everyday to following these simple steps you’ll be on your way to memorizing whole books of the Bible.