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maxresdefault_010 Serious Problems with Jesus Calling– The Jesus of Sarah Young sounds suspiciously like a twenty-first century, Western, middle-aged woman. If this is, indeed, Jesus speaking, we need to explain why he sounds so markedly different from the Jesus of the gospels or the Jesus of the book of Revelation.


Divorce-and-Remarriage3 Reasons Those Who are Unbiblically Remarried after a Divorce Should Not Leave Their New Spouse– The marriage should not have been done, but now that it is done, it should not be undone by man. It is a real marriage. Real covenant vows have been made. And that real covenant of marriage may be purified by the blood of Jesus and set apart for God.


gluten-free-museum-5When All Traces of Gluten Are Removed From Famous Works of Art– Imagine if gluten-intolerance spread to the art world… it might look something like these before and afters.


Hedgehog Muffins


TowersNOV2015_Web-Images6The Real Colonel Sanders and His Surprising Ties to Southern Seminary– Sanders’ likeness adorns KFC restaurants around the globe, but most do not know Southern Seminary’s important connection with the Colonel.


SDA01_smallEvaluating Seventh-day Adventism– The primary issues that separate Seventh-day Adventists from biblical Christianity are (1) their unorthodox view of Christ’s work of atonement; (2) their illegitimate elevation of Ellen G. White’s prophecies; and (3) their legalistic insistence that believers are bound to observe the Sabbath and Mosaic dietary laws.


Peter_Paul_Rubens_166An FAQ on Mysticism and the Christian Life– Christian mysticism seeks to describe an experienced, direct, nonabstract, unmediated, loving knowledge of God, a knowing or seeing so direct as to be called union with God.