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imagesWomen Preachers? A Response to Perry Noble– Unity on the essentials of the gospel does not and should not lead to the conclusion that other biblical teachings are inconsequential. The call to reach the world must not be used as a trump card to nullify what the scriptures say.


FB_IMG_1447101481960The4thDave Reviews: “Onward” by Dr. Russell Moore– While this book is far from perfect, there are some really helpful and challenging ideas that Christians in the American Church should consider and wrestle with. While I obviously disagree with several parts of it, it would be worth reading and discussing with mature and discerning believers.


Nachos with cheese, guacamole, and sour cream

15 Delicious Facts About Nachos– Last week was National Nacho Day. How do you like your nachos?



Christian Mingle Inspector– I’d stay away from the ones who go to Catalyst and Passion, but, other than that, seems legit.


MEN- This one is not for you. Do not click the link. The young lady in this 03-M4wa0tU1article is covered, but not dressed modestly in most pictures. I’m not fooling around. Don’t click on this.

18-Year-Old Instagram Star Admits It’s All a Lie– Ladies, this is eye opening. Your daughter or one of the young women at your church might be following someone like this on social media. Be aware, and be ready to talk to them about godly values.


baptismal_font_350_209What Does Paul Mean by ‘Baptism for the Dead’?– The phrase “baptism for the dead” is so obscure and perplexing, the meaning so uncertain, and the variety of interpretations so numerous that it seems wise to say it seems impossible to know what the phrase means.


monkimage.php_-1024x439Guarding the Deposit of Hymnody– Actually, as a congregation that sings hymns we stand in line with the historic program of the Church, and I’m good with that (and as an aside, we have a lot of young people in our church I think would take offense at his comment).