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My husband Jono works doing IT/computer networking for a missions agency, SEND International. Recently he and I had the opportunity to go visit some of the countries where SEND works to see what the missionaries are doing and for Jono to offer some technical support as needed. Here is the travel log from that experience…

What’s everyday life like for a missionary? My friends Debi and Jono just returned from a trip to Europe where they were able to visit with some of the missionaries who work for SEND International. I thought you would enjoy reading their travelogue, seeing their pictures, and learning about their experiences.

Part 1   Screenshot_2015-11-08-19-55-57_kindlephoto-15050342

Part 1                  Part 2

Screenshot_2015-11-08-19-55-45_kindlephoto-15006032   Screenshot_2015-11-08-19-55-23_kindlephoto-15148639

Part 3                           Part 4

Have you ever thought about going on a mission trip?