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Women’s Ministry Around the World: Carrie Sandom– In June of 2015, about 20 women gathered in London for a meeting to discuss women’s ministries in complementarian contexts around the world. Our hope was to learn from one another and encourage each other in our task.


fusion_tranquil_mos_logoHelping Wives Begin to Heal After Betrayal– When sexual unfaithfulness intrudes upon a marriage, hearts and lives are painfully impacted. Side by Side is a new webinar which offers biblical guidance and hope for wives facing the trial of a husband’s sexual sin.


cake-shoes-4Cake and Ice Cream Shoes– Ladies… You might have some awesome shoes in your collection, but the one thing that your shoe closet is probably lacking, is some cake.


Here’s One Way to Explain Sin to an Unbeliever


Top-10-Amazing-And-Unusual-Multitools-1Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Multitools– Knives, screwdrivers, bottle openers and even scissors are just some of the things you might find on a multitool. But don’t settle for those boring looking ones, go for one of these instead…


hillsong8 Reasons the Worship Industry Is Killing Worship– Try telling your church, your pastor even, that we should make a switch. Let’s have Communion ever week, and music once a month (or where I come from, once a quarter). It probably won’t go over well.


mgDxRjwTop 5 Bible Tales Not Allowed in Children’s Story Books– The writers and editors of these storybooks select certain events to discuss, including only age-appropriate material. When you open your child’s storybook Bible, you know some stories that are not going to be found in those pages.