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2013-03-11-pg1_kindlephoto-13101283Why the Prosperity Gospel Did Not Exist in the Early Church– Do you ever think Jesus died so we can have a more comfortable life?



trinitytest_kindlephoto-13334451Take a Test on the Trinity– How well do you know the doctrine of the Trinity?…Here are 33 statements related to the Trinity. Simply answer true or false to each one and see your score at the end.


Top-10-Perfect-Pudding-Punch-Bowl-Cakes-5Top 10 Perfect Pudding Punch Bowl Cakes– These amazing pudding recipe look best when prepared in a clear glass punch bowl because only then can you can see all of the layers.



Mayoral Candidate Opal Covey Rebukes Fred and Speaks in Tongues– Ladies, you want to know why I warn against false teachers? This is why. You start out with “gateway drugs” like Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer, thinking, “It’s OK. It’s only a little unbiblical teaching. I can stop any time I want,” and pretty soon you end up like this lady, strung out and face down in the gutter of blasphemy and false doctrine. This is an embarrassment to the church, an awful witness to the lost, and a black eye for Jesus. Just say no to false teaching.



3017Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 Winners– I just love how these photographers have captured God’s creation.



ShellfishWhy Christians May Eat Shellfish But May Not Have Sex Outside Marriage– So how can Christians then justify upholding laws on sexual morality whilst at the same time ignoring the food laws from the very same books of the Bible? Why may they eat shellfish but not be allowed to have sex outside marriage? Isn’t this inconsistent and hypocritical?


study-bible-banner7 Great Study Bibles (Infographic)– When it comes to great resources to explore and explain the Bible, we of all people and all generations are abundantly blessed. We have available to us a wealth of incredible books, commentaries, atlases, and reference works. And, of course, we have study Bibles which combine all of these elements.