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25250-bible-facebook.800w.tnDyslexia-friendly Bible Released– The Bible has been translated into countless languages…Now, an effort to make the Bible more accessible for those with dyslexia has been undertaken.


themessage-190x300A Creative But Inaccurate Message– I have come across a version of the Bible that I believe puts the special revelation of God in particular jeopardy.  I am referring to The Message by Eugene H. Peterson.



David-Jeremiah-David Jeremiah and His Ongoing Friendship with the World– He has also joined T.D. Jakes, Jan Crouch, and many others in promoting the life and teachings of the late Paul Crouch, who preached another Gospel.

Emu Tango (Emu vs. Weasel Ball)


alttrust1c-1Staging A Deaf Musical? Not As Strange As It Sounds– Deaf West is one of the premier deaf theater companies in the country. They are currently presenting a version of “Spring Awakening” that will be moving to Broadway in the fall of 2015.



Fighting for the Faith on Women’s Rolesimages– A great, biblical explanation of why women aren’t to preach and why women are supposedly “second in everything.” Give the first two listener e-mails a listen (about 25 minutes).



frescojesusA Plea for Christian Parents to Not Be Idiots– Rather than scrawling an angry note across their homework assignment denouncing the teacher and thus subjecting my kids to embarrassment and the possibility of life crippling scorn, we discussed Islam.