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pdl-vs-slave-on-salvationOn Salvation– This week we’re putting into practice some of the principles we covered in the Being a Berean series by comparing The Purpose-Driven Life and Slave, two books that speak to key facets in the Christian life.


headerImage-95tt-742x55795 [Twitter] Theses: Biblical Prescriptions for Engaging Online– I’m proposing a Reformation for those who wish to participate. I’m encouraging you, as a brother in Christ, to consider these 95 Twitter Theses before you next login.


caboodles20 Throwback Beauty Products You Totally Used as a Teen– Fess up ladies. How many of these did you have?



Justin Peters on Jesus Calling and Divine Revelation Knowledge-


eye6-600x33810 Ways To Reduce Eyestrain From Staring At A Screen– If you’re finishing your work day (or social media session) with dry eyes, tired eyes or blurry vision, something needs to change. Try these 10 ways to improve your health.


312196_v16 Tricks I Learned as a Faith Healer (for Scamming You)– LANGUAGE WARNING. If you tell them they’re healed, the power of suggestion and a bunch of cheering people will make them feel momentarily better. And by the time church comes ’round next week, they’ll be over whatever was ailing them. Yep, we are taking credit for the general concept of an immune system.


headphones-924779_1280Recommended Podcast Resources from a Christian Worldview– These podcasts, I think, are great resources for Christians who want to be informed of biblical doctrine, current events, and the state of the church. I hope you’ll join me in partaking of these resources.