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young+new+book_kindlephoto-10494521Eve, an Upcoming Book by William P. Young of The Shack– Young is saying here that his interpretation of the Garden story of sin has found something truer (than the Bible?!) and will “free us all.” Jesus freed us, not Young. His Word frees us, not Young’s new interpretation of it.

m-header7_kindlephoto-10703697Complementarianism vs. Egalitarianism: Which View is Most Biblical?– The focus of this argument is ultimately not the value of men versus women but to God’s roles for church leadership under the ultimate leadership of Christ.

peanut-butter-babyPeanut Butter Baby Is All of Us– When you leave an 18-month-old alone with his 3-yr-old sister and a jar of peanut butter — he will inevitably take the form of the adorably grotesque Peanut Butter Baby.

Take Back Yoga (Swami smack-down)– Todd Friel interviews a practicing Swami about how Yoga is a Hindu spiritual practice and is therefore not compatible with Christianity in any way.


fruityMakeup Artist Transforms Her Eyes Into GORGEOUS Works of Art– A lot of people use eye shadow and liner to enhance their eyes, but Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg uses them to create incredible mini paintings using her eyelids as her personal canvas.



350px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreTrump Hosts Televangelists Who Fleece Their Flocks– White, like Trump, is also a big fan of cash. She’s typically characterized as a proponent of the prosperity gospel.



shutterstock_291004427 copy_kindlephoto-10571514Why You Should Not Wear a Crucifix– It displays his human weakness, but it conceals his divine strength; it depicts the reality of his pain, but keeps out of our sight the reality of his joy and his power. In both these cases, the symbol is unworthy most of all because of what it fails to display.