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JabezJabez and the Soft Prosperity Gospel– After all, his prayer doesn’t point to a secret mantra for material blessing. It calls sufferers to trust that the covenant God of Israel loves to comfort those who come to him in faith.


Screen-shot-2012-04-12-at-10.20.43-PMIs IHOP a Cult? One Intern’s Story– I’ve been reporting about and warning of the dangerous teaching of Mike Bickle’s spiritual influence over young vulnerable students…The following videos – particularly the first one – are the most disturbing images you will ever see.


woolsuitsHow the Bathing Suit Killed the Bathing Skirt– They do represent a national shift that wasn’t just about fashion but also practicality. In that way, they stand for all women who wanted more from their day at the beach: mainly, an opportunity to actually swim.


A Bear Family Takes a Dip in Our Pool– And I thought snakes in the back yard were bad…


Audacious-CoverEvaluating Beth Moore’s Upcoming Live Simulcast– When I watch the simulcast this year, I am hoping and praying that I will not see the same types of things that I saw last year including a heavier focus on women than on God, problems with Bible interpretation and verse usage, and emphasis on personal revelations. Knowing about these things, my discernment radar will be active.


GTT_Blog2-1Calling Something Christian Doesn’t Make it Christian– Many belief systems in our day go by the name of “Christian.” Many people call themselves “Christians.” But just like calling a structure a house doesn’t make it one, so calling something Christian doesn’t make it Christian.


10ipad_commandments-600x25010 Commandments for Using iPads in Church– When you are thinking about using a smartphone or tablet during the church service, here are 10 humorous, but important commandments to keep in mind.