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Understanding-Psalm-1_1-1024x576How to Understand Psalms– The problem was that I didn’t understand Psalms’ genre. Not understanding the genre of a book of the Bible leads to not understanding the book. You see, every kind of writing has a genre. We read a newspaper differently than a love note or a poem or a bank deposit slip. We read Philippians differently than Proverbs.


shutterstock_237584965_Fotor-600x310How Exciting Should Our Sunday Meetings Be?– Strictly speaking, God never says the goal of the church gathering is excitement. It’s edification for God’s glory. We meet to stir up one another to love and good works, not simply to have an emotionally electrifying time.


Bogue-Falaya-All-American-Healthcare-Covington10 Words You Can Pronounce if You’re From Louisiana– I’m from Louisiana, and I can promise you we have plenty more words that are equally or more difficult than these. Just wanted to share a little of my world with y’all!


It’s a Shame for a Man to Have Long Hair?– This video also deals with the “women have to cover their heads” passage.


swedishchef7 of the Best Food-Related Moments in Muppet History– Today, Foodiggity will explore some great moments in Muppet history. We will stay specific to food, not only because we try to keep topics food-related, but it actually gives us a good opportunity to go back to the beginning—when Muppets shilled for food companies in order to pay the rent.


David-and-Goliath-funny-real-true-story-3The Funny Side of David and Goliath– Not meant for theological instruction, but for a smile.



the+war+within+3Movie Review: The War Within– The War Within is not just a good clean family movie, it is a Christian movie because it has the Gospel presented throughout the film. So many of films available right now are marketing themselves as “Christian” films. However, if they lack the Gospel, it’s typically nothing more than a clean, good family film with a moral basis. The War Within is an excellent film that delivers both concepts.