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Screenshot_2015-07-27-12-40-36_kindlephoto-14944720Why I Stopped Singing Hillsong– Last year, when I heard Hillsong was opening a church in Los Angeles…and that lead pastor, Brian Houston was coming, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to see what this was all about for myself. The following is what I heard and observed.


ashutterstock_143701378_kindlephoto-15125607How Should Christians Fast?– Daniel Hyde defines Christian fasting as “a religious abstaining from food or any other legitimate provision of God for a set period of time.” He addresses the practice of fasting with these 6 guidelines.


woman-507444_12807 Make Up Must-Haves– Check out my friend Lauren’s article on what you simply must have in your make up kit.




Modest is Hottest?


Top-10-Amazing-Tiny-Street-Art-by-Slinkachu-10Top 10 Amazing Tiny Street Art– I’m not really sure why I find smaller art so fascinating. Maybe it is the time and dedication that people have to make it, or the fact that you could walk right past it and never notice it, or maybe I imagine it being made by little people…


calling-god-downGod Doesn’t Need an Invitation– There’s a peculiar thing I’ve noticed in some of the songs in popular Christian praise and/or worship music…It’s this idea that we are somehow summoning God into our presence.


Themelios35.2-230x300Editorial on Abusing Matthew 18– Doubtless this sort of charge is becoming more common. It is regularly linked to the “Gotcha!” mentality that many bloggers and their respondents seem to foster.