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headerImage-BBitB_Titus-742x557The Best Book in the Bible– Often times, when Christians lose steam in their yearly reading plans, they can become frustrated and feel defeated. It is for this reason that individual book studies can be a lifesaver. The Best Book in the Bible series will provide entry points into faithful study and encourage you to fall in love with various books of the Bible.


twainThe Danger in Women’s Ministries– “I can’t help but notice how these false teachers, we could say messengers of Satan, creep into households all stealth-like and target specific women. The language makes me think of a certain snake…” Be sure to check out all of Aimee’s articles in this series.


child2-1Teach Your Child to Have Devotions– A child may begin the journey to faith by imitating his parents, but he must eventually confess Jesus as Lord with his own lips. Now God is sovereign over everything, including salvation, so there is no sure-fire formula. But on a human level, we can take this step of obedience: when your child is old enough to read, give him a Bible and train him to use it.


So You’re Dead, Now What?


vintage-life-hacks-from-the-1900s-1140 Vintage Life Hacks from 100 Years Ago– These are pretty amazing, and most would still work today. Have you ever tried any of these? Do they really work?


14142-black-sheep-6007 Sure-Fire Ways to Recognize False Teachers– A false teacher isn’t going to tell you he’s teaching heresy. In fact, he’ll usually look and sound so sincere and passionate that you wouldn’t know he’s actually twisting God’s Word. So, how exactly can you tell if someone is “wolf in sheep’s clothing”?


top_kindlephoto-27076942Organized Sports on Sundays?– Christian parents are faced with many dilemmas as they seek to raise their children for the Lord. If they have sporty or athletic children who play on a sports team, the question of playing on the Lord’s Day (Sunday) becomes a real issue.