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Screenshot_2015-07-05-20-27-00_kindlephoto-19516729PANCAKES!– International House of Pancakes (the good IHOP) is offering short stacks today for 57¢, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., to celebrate their 57th anniversary.


osteen5 Errors of the Prosperity Gospel– This “prosperity gospel” teaches that God wants believers to be physically healthy, materially wealthy, and personally happy. Teachers of the prosperity gospel encourage their followers to pray for and even demand material flourishing from God.


ChristianClickbaitYou Won’t Believe What Shocking Thing He Said About Christian Clickbait– It’s a problem because aspects inherent to clickbait are antithetical to Christianity. Clickbait is antichristian. Here’s why.


Tiny Hamster’s Tiny BBQ


2015-06-02-anything1The Bible Says We Should Only Eat Locusts– You can make the Bible “say” anything, as long as you’re not concerned with what it actually says.



presentation1Discernment in Music: “Flawless” by Mercy Me– I would encourage y’all to follow this series over at Faithful Stewardship. We all need to be in the habit of thinking when we sing and examining the lyrics of Christian music, whether we’re worship leaders, choir members, singing in church, or singing along with the radio.



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