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Deuteronomy-6-6-7-web-NIVThe Most Shared Verses in Their Context (Deut. 6:6-7)– We should be devoted to the Lord in our own hearts and this devotion should intentionally bleed over into the lives of our children. We should actively teach our children the way of Jesus.



Agnes_Ozman_TonguesWere Tongues Real Languages?– In New Testament times, did the gift of tongues produce authentic foreign languages only, or did it also result in non-cognitive speech (like the private prayer languages of modern charismatics)?



Top-10-Ultimate-Man-Caves-and-Rooms-9Top 10 Ultimate Man Caves and Rooms– Some of these would be great for women, too. I love the Coca Cola room. Which one is your favorite?




How to Read the Bible– In 3.5 minutes!




Workers Discover Preserved Writings, Drawings on Slate Blackboards at OKC High School– The past came alive this week at Emerson High School in Oklahoma City, when workers discovered slate blackboards with almost perfectly preserved writings and drawings dating back nearly 100 years.



NTTen Basic Facts about the NT Canon that Every Christian Should Memorize– A new series on the NT canon designed to help Christians understand ten basic facts about its origins. This series is designed for a lay-level audience and hopefully could prove helpful in a conversation one might have with a skeptical friend.



Testimonial-1024x576Cultivating Family Life in a Culture of Screen Time– “I want your heart. But I feel like so often there’s a major barrier.” What was the barrier? “I’m concerned about how much time you spend on your phone.”