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Missions Monday is designed to expose you to some awesome missions and evangelism stories, resources, and information in the shameless hope that you will be moved to get more involved in supporting and participating in missions and develop a greater burden for sharing the gospel with those around you.

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7 Things to Support Instead of Creflo Dollar’s New Jet– Just to help out Dollar and his ministry, I thought I’d show you what a wise investment the private jet is compared to all the other ministry opportunities $65 million could support.

zwemerWho Was Samuel Zwemer?– The pair selected Arabia as their destination because, as the homeland of Islam, it was the most difficult mission field they could find. They submitted their plans to different societies, including the American Missionary Society, but found no one willing the sponsor them. They were told it was foolish “to want to go to such a fanatical people.”

image1Ministry in Burundi Hobbled, but Striving– Prayer for Burundi is fervently sought from believers around the world, both TWR leaders indicated as they cited specific needs. “Thank you for standing and praying with us in Burundi for God to intervene,” Bandyatuyaga said.

Shine, featuring Delirious– Learn about HistoryMakers, the youth division of the Asia Link missions organization.

m_147_1_1The Missionary Life: No Shortcuts– What would you say to a budding missionary candidate?…I recently thought of these two key points of advice that I would give every missionary candidate.


imb-logo2Former Drug Trafficker Finds New Life in Christ in Colombian Amazon– Diego began teaching Woods about jungle life, and how to spearfish and catch alligators. Woods, in turn, shared Bible stories with Diego. Specifically, he taught him how God forgave King David for murder and adultery, and that God will forgive anyone who repents, no matter the sin.

Screen-Shot-2015-04-24-at-9.21.33-AMSharing the Gospel without Affiliating: A Solution– I personally made a decision to not be involved at all with any Christian organizations, conferences, churches or events that aren’t behind the full Gospel. But you may feel differently, or think that it’s more complex than it really is. Why? Where do you draw the line?