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58719Why Christians of All People Should Get Their Vaccines– Before becoming a family doctor in Baltimore, I studied immunology in medical school, learning how and why vaccines work in order to offer them to my patients…This is not just a medical issue, but an issue that touches on our faith and our public witness.


the-ministry-of-a-godly-womanThe Ministry of a Godly Wife– The sad irony is that those who supposedly champion the cause of women in the church are the ones trampling and belittling God’s true, high calling for women. The narrow, misguided focus on women preaching has led many to completely overlook the vital ministry roles that God specifically designed women to fulfill.


10slideNo One Thought this Puppy Would Make It– It’s the story of a Great Dane named Pegasus, rescued from an irresponsible backyard breeder by filmmaker Dave Meinert as a four-week old puppy, despite the fact that Meinert knew she was sick.



MacArthur on the Purpose-Driven Life


blue-morphoThe Six Most Beautiful Butterflies in the World– God’s handiwork can often be seen most beautifully in some of the smallest of His creations.



gary-methodistDear Church: An Open Letter from One of Those Millenials You Can’t Figure Out– Just be the church. Use your regular old liturgy. Offer your regular old sacraments. Sing your regular old songs. Cast a wide net, and let whosoever will come. Trust me, we’re more likely to show up when we don’t feel like fish snapping up the bait.


couple-arguing_2844577bDo You Have a Dysfunctional Relationship with God?– Regardless of its apparent prevalence, a dysfunctional relationship with God is neither ideal nor healthy. It is also unbiblical. God’s people love God, love God’s word, and love God’s people. It is a symptom of a very serious problem when these things are not present and regular in a Christian’s life.