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medium_697720915612 Reasons Churches Don’t Practice Church Discipline– I’ve conducted an ongoing informal survey to see why churches don’t do discipline. Here are the primary findings, in no particular order.


cropped-apostasis-lexicon-banner31Apostasis Lexicon– “Jezebull – the false teachings of a feminutzi that aggressively promote women to step up to the pastoral plate.” And lots of other terms you might find amusing and useful.


mensa-5Illustrations Finished with Well-Placed Food Items– Whether it’s rigatoni as a ship’s smokestack or spaghetti as guitar strings, Mensa’s illustrations are a great way to combine ink and edibles



Hillsong: The Multi-Million Dollar Crazy Cult– Hillsong for decades [has] proven again and again to be a word of faith and prosperity cult. When will Christianity finally say enough is enough?


suzanne22 Graduation Cakes that Have Failed in the Most Hilarious Ways Possible– Graduation is a time to celebrate the academic achievements of students who have spent years studying…What better way to commemorate this crowning achievement than with a cake created in their honor? Well, at least that was the plan.


Brave_(Nichole_Nordeman_album)Sex Appeal and Female Christian Artists– I’m not trying to say that every female album cover is designed with sex appeal in mind…But far too many seem to be selling the woman rather than her music. You don’t see this with male artists, their music seems to be enough. This bothers me. Am I alone in this?


joshua-feuersteinChristian, Stop Sharing Joshua Feuerstein Videos– Joshua Feuerstein is a heretic, he is a liar, and an antichrist. The brand of “Jesus” Feuerstein presents is a false one. When he prays for his viewers and says things like, “In the power of the name of Jesus,” if you know something about his doctrine, you know he doesn’t actually believe in the power of God. He believes in his own power to call down the name of Jesus, channeling God to do his bidding, so to speak. That’s what a Oneness Pentecostal believes.