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LITTLE+BOY1+FORCEMovie Review: Little Boy– Though containing elements of goodness in it, the “spirituality” the movie portrays ought to concern biblical Christians. The movie contains a weird spiritual combination of themes that while admittedly Christian, also projects a magical and occult worldview like a Harry Potter movie.


6f09bb629639dba36350e97e7192f9deBruce Jenner Gives God the Credit Sin Is Due– It grieves me that he believes God to be some unloving, sadistic ruler that finds delight in the suffering and emotional turmoil of his creation. This version of God – the one that makes people transgender, gay, etc. – is ironically described by the unbelieving world to be a god of “love.”


buffbaby20 Ridiculous Parenting Products That NO Parent Actually Needs– I don’t know, I kinda like the wearable mop thing.



False Teachers, Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer, Promoting Unbiblical Unity– If your church is still using Beth Moore materials it’s either because your pastor/church/women’s ministry is woefully behind on what’s going on in the evangelical world, or because you’re OK with anti-biblical teaching. Stop buying and using stuff from these women. They are false teachers. That’s not opinion, that’s biblical fact.


helping-boys-organize-responsibleFour Ways to Help Your Son Be Organized and Responsible for Life!– As a mom of a boy, you know that getting boys to clean up after themselves is hard to do. Maybe getting them to shower everyday and put on deodorant is slightly easier…right? But, teaching them good hygiene and cleaning up after themselves takes four things:


disapproveDiscernment in Music: Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong– Jorge, over at Faithful Stewardship, has a great great series called “Discernment in Music” in which he examines the lyrics of popular Christian songs to see if they’re biblical. Check out all his DiM articles!



Screen-Shot-2015-04-20-at-2.16.12-PM17 Signs That Your Church Is Becoming Secular– What does a secular church look like? A good, Bible-based Christian church will always feed its sheep out of God’s Word, and seeks to align itself with what it says. The secular church, on the other hand, follows the ways of the world.