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Missions Monday is designed to expose you to some awesome missions and evangelism stories, resources, and information in the shameless hope that you will be moved to get more involved in supporting and participating in missions and develop a greater burden for sharing the gospel with those around you.

Collections2-1024x576Free, Downloadable Mission Stories for Kids– Collections such as this one below are designed to help you teach a particular theme (i.e., Overview of Asia) over a number of weeks….Future releases will come to this section on such themes as an area of Asia, religion or festivals.

68A526A7-49F8-4828-8C9E-643A5CB53A9E7 Confidence Boosters in Evangelism– We should do our best, learn what we can, but our confidence in evangelism cannot be ourselves, our smarts, our tactics, our insights, and our cleverness. Do we rest in the power of men or the power of God?

m_IMG_9277_350_233_90Hoping to Inspire London with the Gospel– We started Inspire London, a church plant through Redeemer City to City with the vision of being a united and diverse community inspiring London with the good news of Jesus Christ.

How Not to Give out the Million Dollar Bill– (or any other tract, really)

Screen-Shot-2015-02-25-at-3.06.48-PM-599x355Faithfulness in Egypt– Needless to say, the brief little publication packs quite a punch. Now, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who were rattled by the executions have had these questions about God, suffering, evil, and truth directly posed to them. Not only that, they’ve been proposed an answer: the gospel of Jesus.

comparing-evangelism-to-farming-300x200The Danger of “Assuming” Evangelism– Is it possible that a generation deeply committed to making the gospel present and explicit in the church’s preaching and teaching, might assume that Christians know how to share the gospel? Or that Christians understand just how vital evangelism is?

20140916ja-2445-embracetaj__largeThe Difficulty of Being a Christian, and a Woman, in a Muslim Country– But despite her struggles, Dilorom wants others to know Jesus — because she knows that having a relationship with Him far outweighs any ridicule, torment or conflict she will endure.