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lagniappereading-bible3 Reasons Why Reading the Bible Feels Like a Chore– We are, after all, a people of the Book. So why is it that reading the Bible seems like such a chore? Here are three that I’ve seen crop up most frequently in my own life:


heart-603214_12807 Ways Wives Can Love Their Husbands– While we husbands may (or may not) be hard to buy presents for, there are several things you can give us that would mean much more than anything you could find in a store.


m_unnamed_350_234_90When You Are No Longer a Pastor’s Wife– Since this situation affects so many ministers, my husband had many outlets to turn to. Strangely, there are fewer avenues that address the proper response for the wife.


Coca-Cola Mixed with Mentos in a Tub– To be perfectly honest, what grabbed me about this video was not the fizzy Coke bath, but how tiny Japanese bathtubs are and that they seem to share a faucet with the sink.


future1(1)The 100 Best Free Fonts– I admit it. I’m a font junkie.



2-Chronicles-7-14-webThe Most Shared Verses in Their Context (2 Chronicles 7:14)– Last year I looked at the Top 10 Most Shared Bible Verses from 2013 in their context. Today we will look 2 Chronicles 7:14, which is the third most shared verse of 2014.


andy-stanley-257x300Is Homosexual Affirmation an Inevitability for Andy Stanley?– Stanley clearly and repeatedly stressed the sin of adultery, but then left the reality of the homosexual relationship between the two men unaddressed as sin. To the contrary, he seemed to normalize their relationship. They would be allowed to serve on the host team if both were divorced.