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160942-425x282-mardi-gras-costumeWhat Is the Origin of Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras?– In general, Mardi Gras revelers engage in a binge of sinning before a time of consecration to God. The celebration of Mardi Gras fosters the notion that you can do whatever you want on Fat Tuesday, as long as you show up in church on Ash Wednesday. It’s the bender before the benediction, and it’s utterly unscriptural.



I Am a Theology Nerd– I love learning, reading, thinking, and talking about God. Are you a theology nerd, too?



prosperity0909Why the Prosperity Gospel is the Worst Pyramid Scheme Ever– “If it worked for him, why shouldn’t it work for me?” If I had dug a bit deeper, though, I would have seen the actual reason it worked for him and not for me. It’s because the prosperity gospel is a pyramid scheme.


10 Amazing and Life-Changing Life Hacks




Beware the Horrible “But” Monster– Satan’s first recorded target in snaring the soul of the first man was the word of God that he, Adam, had. “Ah, so you have a word from God?” Satan in effect smiled. “But—”




Victory Rolls and V8’s– When I have time, I try to check out the blogs of people who subscribe to my blog, like a an article, etc. Jen dropped by recently, and I was captivated by her photography of “classic cars…Route 66, and historic homes.”




Bible Study Recommendations– Looking for a good, doctrinally solid Bible study? Christine over at Sola Sisters has some dynamite recommendations.