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books_to_teach_reading_to_kids7 Reasons to Teach Our Children Church History– The benefits of teaching them something about the key figures and movements from the rich heritage of the church are myriad.


norm190 Minutes in Heaven on the Big Screen?– All his obvious objective and theological errors remove any question of whether Don Piper actually went to the current Heaven. He may believe he went to Heaven, but place he describes sure doesn’t sound like the place the Bible describes.



What Are the Healthiest Sleeping Positions?– So, ever since I read this, I’ve been trying to sleep on my back. Which position do you sleep in?



Flame: The Context Song– Check this out for an easy way to learn some mad Bible study skilz.



25 Mind Twisting Optical Illusion Paintings– The beautiful and mind-bending illusions in Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves’ paintings have a fun way of twisting your perception and causing you to question what in his paintings, if anything, is real.


john-pavlovitzChristian, Stop Sharing John Pavlovitz’s Articles– Pavlovitz’s blog is called “Stuff That Needs to Be Said.” No. None of it does. It’s empty often morose droning that slanders the church. It makes no effort to elevate Christ and therefore provides no edification for the believer. Please, Christian; with a discerning heart, realize that Pavlovitz is blogging for his own benefit and no other. Stop sharing his articles.


1501276 Reasons Your Husband May Not Like Your Women’s Group– I polled my wise (and handsome!) husband about the reasons why husbands might not be mega-fans of their wives’ women’s group. His answers were surprising, thoughtful, and more than a little convicting.