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How to Discipline a Child- the Rubber Band Method– Did I ever catch my son doing anything good? Did he every do anything good?


How to Honor and Encourage the Singles in Your Church– “Singleness is not monolithic,” Carolyn McCulley explains in a new roundtable video with Jennifer Marshall and Betsy Childs. “It’s helpful to minister based on life stage more than on marital status.

150106What to Say to That Immodestly Dressed Girl at Church– “There is a girl in my church (or a group of girls) who wear totally inappropriate clothes to church. What do I say to her?”

Tim Hawkins- Atheist Kids’ Songs

Pets-hating-the-vet-0922 Cats and Dogs Who Think They Can Avoid the Vet by Being Absolutely Adorable– Judging by these pets, there is really only one way to try to get out of going to the vet’s office, and that is Be extremely cute and, if possible, be hilarious,

Ten Do’s and Don’ts When Reading The Bible– And if ten isn’t enough, how about twelve?  

the-shackBiblically Evaluating “The Shack Up”- Part 2– We’re going to address some specific questions that will fence us in for arriving at an answer to the question of whether or not Christians should we move in together.