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Answering the Call of Titus 2– As my friend and I reflected on the conversation later, we realized the same thought had run through both our minds: “She is the woman I want to become”.

stopwatchHow to Count to Three in Hebrew: For How Long Was Jesus Dead?– How many days was he actually in the grave? The answer is one and a half days. Or three, depending on if you are a modern Swiss watchmaker or a 1st century Jewish gospel writer.

Three Tools to Help You Memorize Scripture– Something all Christians should make their aim is memorizing Scripture. Here are three tools to help you get started.

11 Things Men Don’t Know About Their Clothes– I thought “dirty ones need to go in the hamper” might be one of the 11, but, alas, no.

Has Beth Moore Become a False Teacher?– If you’re a Beth Moore fan, you need to watch this. If you’re still a Beth Moore fan after watching it, you need to ask yourself why.



21 of the Most Insanely Genius Hacks that Every Parent Must Know– I love the table hammock! I’m kinda sad that my kids are too old for most of these.


In a Tight Place with Profanity– Nobody has told them straight out that we still have remnants of decorum here and there, and that for all its popularity on the ball field, in the bar, movies, and Jon Stewart commentaries, the f-word remains an indignity now and again. They have to be told.