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Who Was St. Nicholas?– With what little we know about St. Nicholas, it is safe to say he would not be pleased to know he had eclipsed Christ in the hearts of many as the central figure of Christmas.



To the Trader Joe’s Employee Who Noticed My Family in the Parking Lot– “I just wanted you to have this bouquet…” and I looked down to see the flowers in her hands. She quickly continued to explain…

Does God Have a Purpose for My Life?– The ultimate purpose of your life is not about you. You exist for God’s glory. I exist for God’s glory. Every person you meet and have ever met exists for God’s glory.

Snowtime– God’s handiwork up close and personal.


I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day– A sobering poem with a haunting, but hopeful melody. May the Prince of Peace reign on earth far as the curse is found.

IMG_5407Eight Trends About Church Bulletins– LifeWay studies everything about churches. I’m waiting for them to come out with an article about how your church’s bathroom plumbing affects whether or not visitors return. I actually have some input about that.

God Might Call You to Be Ignored– This isn’t a pretty thought for many of us…And yet, it’s probably the reality for more of us than we realize. We speak, we pray, we plead… and there’s nothing. For many, your words are nothing more than the incoherent mutterings of Charlie Brown’s school teacher.