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If You Could Lose Your Salvation– Another great one from Adam Ford (with a little help from John MacArthur).



headerChanging “Jesus Calling”: Damage Control for a False Christ– What if you are a major publisher like Thomas Nelson and you suddenly discover that your mega best-selling book, Jesus Calling, was inspired by a channeled New Age book?


20+ Cutest Christmas Nail Art DIY Ideas– These are pretty adorable. Ladies, if you try any of these, I’d love to see photos of your “handiwork”.


Christian Girl Instagram– Hopefully, he’s kidding about Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer because they’ll definitely make people question your theology, too.

50ChristianOwnedShopsforHolidayShoppingFacebookChristian-Owned Etsy Shops: Holiday Shopping– This year Satisfaction Through Christ encourages you to shop with Christian-owned etsy shops and businesses! Why? Because it’s an opportunity to buy gifts while blessing another Christian family somewhere out there.

Screen-Shot-2014-11-16-at-3.27.52-PMPentatonix and the Elephant in the Sanctuary– If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen their rendition of The Little Drummer Boy or Mary Did You Know? Yes, they have a great sound, but before you click “share” you should know that two of the members of this group are openly homosexual and work with pro-homosexual causes. And, yes, it matters, even if it’s just sharing a song.



Memory Board Christmas Gift (DIY)– Check out this cute and inexpensive craft that would make an adorable Christmas gift.