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Missions Monday is designed to expose you to some awesome missions and evangelism stories, resources, and information in the shameless hope that you will be moved to get more involved in supporting and participating in missions and develop a greater burden for sharing the gospel with those around you.

H133160_largeChristmas Shopping that Supports Missions– Want to give to missions and get some great gifts all at the same time? Check out this site, sponsored by the Women’s Missionary Union. This lovely necklace is made by the women of Sasa Designs, part of DOOR Ministry (Deaf Opportunity OutReach) in Kenya and other developing nations.

Where Do Christians Witness Most? Online or Offline?– “Yesterday, I asked some friends whether they thought Christians witnessed more online than offline, and they all answered ‘more online’.” Were they right or wrong?

idolatry-of-missions1-438x300The Idolatry of Missions– But aren’t missionaries the crème of the crop? Um, yeah, no. Turns out, we’re just people. We may travel more than most, and maybe we speak more languages than some, but the idea that missionaries are somehow “set apart” is dangerous. I’d like to begin a discussion about this. Care to join?

How Can We Gain Confidence in Sharing the Gospel?

The Unexpected Sacrifices of the Mission Field– What I’m learning is that missionary service is…well, service. It’s others-centered. It’s not glamorous. It’s about finding joy in the trenches.


TransWorld Radio: Subtitles– If you speak another language and you love missions, watch this video.

simplify-smallSimplified Evangelism– Some things are complicated, however, evangelism is not one of them. Be intentional and available and follow these steps: open you mouth, use the Bible, tell people the gospel. Then watch out…people might get saved! And you might become a crazy evangelist!