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The Art of Joy– Like doctrinally sound Christian hip hop? Didn’t even know such a thing existed? Check out Jackie Hill Perry’s FREE new album.


Screen+Shot+2014-11-08+at+7.45.59+AMBeth Moore Wants Scripture + Experience– Once again Moore shares her bewilderment over those who raise a skeptical eyebrow when a professing Christian celebrates his or her experience as if not greater than, at least equal to, the objective Word of God.

26/365 - Such Shame


Why Don’t They Report It?– You did not ask for this. You should not be silenced. You are not worthless. You do not have to pretend like nothing happened. You are not damaged goods, forgotten or ignored by God, or ‘getting what you deserve.


Elvis the Coatimundi



The State of Theology– Yikes.





WalMart Deli Jokester– This seems like a fun place to work.



A Christian Tightrope Walker?– Are there biblical guidelines for helping us to decide which jobs are legitimate for a Christian? I believe there are four such guidelines, and I’d like to measure Wallenda’s chosen vocation against them.