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Where Is It Written That God Doesn’t Speak Audibly Anymore?– What it boils down to is this: Is Scripture sufficient or not? If Scripture is sufficient, God’s holy Word, for all that we need to know…then the conversation ends there. Scriptre is sufficient. Any extra-biblical revelation must be treated as false.



Lots of Christians Use the Acronym “OMG,” and I Think That’s Pretty Dumb– Walk up to the next stranger you see and ask them what OMG means- see what they say.


10 Things Every Teacher Needs to Know About Autism– Having a disability can cause life to be unbearable. Many children with autism feel isolated due to having been bullied ruthlessly by their peers. Your love and support will encourage your student with autism that God loves him, and he is part of God’s plan.

Humans Rescuing Animals in Distress– All together now: awwwww…

Blue_Moon__by_mistressofthmidnightShould I Chase Dreams, Visions, Experiences, and Miracles to Know More About God?– I’d suggest that gives you more than ample reason to stay away, and not expect any new revelation via dreams. But feel free to ignore the Bible. Most people who chase dreams, visions, religious experience and miracles already do.


The Most Neglected Part of a Pastor’s Job Description– But in all of this talk over the years, I’ve come to believe that the most neglected aspect of a pastor’s job description is the command for pastors to disciple older women in their congregations. 

Right-Angle-39-685x91340 Hilariously Mindbending Pictures– Some of these are pretty amazing, and, I’ll admit, with a couple of them, I don’t understand what I’m supposed to be seeing.