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This is the Paul family. They are new friends of ours that we met through our sons’ school. It is a small Christian school that’s really more like a big family. Holly is the kindergarten teacher there, and our boys are friends with the Paul children.

Chris Paul (the husband/father) was recently diagnosed with lymphoma:

Chris was diagnosed with cancer on October 22, 2014. He has a form of Lymphoma. It is in his lymph nodes, bone marrow, lungs, spleen, groin, and may be more places.

Chris had a biopsy today and is awaiting the results, which will take a few days.

As you might imagine, Chris’ medical expenses will be pretty high. So, I come to you, my readers, with two requests. First, would you please pray for Chris’ healing? Second, would you consider contributing to the Paul family’s financial needs through their Go Fund Me page?


As I make this request, I am reminded of Acts 2:44-45:

And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.

God has given us the marvelous gift of technology enabling us in the body of Christ to be “together” and have “all things in common” on a global scale. If you have the means, would you prayerfully consider meeting this need of your brother in Christ?

Now what’s all this about Christmas shopping?

iusa_75x75.28190008_b9mvThis is Nadege. She is also on faculty at our school and teaches my boys French and science. In addition to being a wonderful teacher, Nadege is also a very talented jewelry artisan. She is helping raise money for the Paul family by donating most of the profits from her Etsy shop to defray Chris’ medical expenses:

“…from now until the end of November, I will be donating 90% of the profits from any sales that I get from my Etsy shop: www.labellegem.etsy.com
Please leave me a note upon checking out that your purchase is to help the Pauls. If you live locally [in the Denham Springs, LA, area]¬†and would like to pick up your package, email me and I will delete the shipping cost and will arrange delivery. This shop keeps my family and I afloat but if I have nothing else, it’s faith! I know that God will provide for me in another way….. PLEASE Share this post on your Facebook.
P.S. The other 10% of course goes back to God.”

Take a look at some of Nadege’s beautiful (and very reasonably priced) work:

il_570xN.251513583il_570xN.291042025il_570xN.235455061If beautiful jewelry for a special lady is on your Christmas list, how about a purchase with a purpose? You can give two great gifts, one for Christmas and one to the Pauls, all at the same time.

I know this article is a little out of the ordinary from what I usually write, but I wanted to do what I could to help our friends by getting the word out. Thanks so much for reading, sharing this post on your Facebook page if you can, and for any financial contribution you might be able to make. It’s most certainly a worthy cause.