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emily_w_ugandaWhy I’m Not Always Opposed to Religious Tourism– Here are five ways to know if you’re on a mission trip or doing religious tourism.


The Problem with Evangelistic Programs– God can use programs. I know people who have come to faith at evangelistic events…But I don’t think programs are the most effective, or even the primary, way we should do evangelism.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church– Join David Platt, Nik Ripkin and others on November 1 for the live simulcast.

Preguica-academia-homem-size-598Are You Out of (Evangelism) Shape?– What if faithful evangelism didn’t involve anything extra but simply intentionally doing what you already do?


Photo courtesy of Gospel For Asia ~ gfa.org

Photo courtesy of Gospel For Asia ~ gfa.org

If You Read the Bible in English, Thank William Tyndale– In 1604 James I approved a new translation of the Bible into English, and Tyndale’s work became the basis of 90 percent of the King James Version.


Sharing the Gospel is Inconvenient– Although I felt inconvenienced, I am thankful the Lord ordered my steps in a different manner. I was privileged to share both the law and the gospel with him. Once the conversation ended, he said, “This is what I needed.” I was shocked.