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Missions Monday is designed to expose you to some awesome missions and evangelism stories, resources, and information in the shameless hope that you will be moved to get more involved in supporting and participating in missions and develop a greater burden for sharing the gospel with those around you.

Busy Moms Discover How God Uses Everyday Life for Ministry– Awesomeness. I would only add two things here. First, if you’re going to teach anybody, kids or adults, don’t be flippant or satisfied with how little of the Bible you know. STUDY to show yourself approved… Second- Guys, these boys need to see godly MEN doing stuff like this. Don’t leave it all up to the women. Get in on this and raise up the next generation of godly men.

The Kimyal Tribe, West Papua, Indonesia, Welcoming First Lot of Bible in Their Language


Seeking Revival Amid Recreation: Report from Hawaii– The gospel turned the islands upside down, to the point that King Kamehameha III paid to send a team of native Hawaiian missionaries across the South Pacific so that other nations could be blessed by the gospel as well. This was Hawaii’s Great Awakening, but it only took a few decades for everything to change.

Who are the Unreached, and Why Must We Go To Them?– Great article from David Burnette at Radical. Remember, you can help reach a UPG just by purchasing copies of my book. Click on the “Unreached People Group” tab at the top of this page.

Which Gospel Tracts Do You Use?– Here are some great recommendations from The Cripplegate. My personal favorites are Celebrity Millions from Living Waters.


How I Found My High School Football Coach Who Shared the Gospel With Me 47 Years Ago– “If God has used me in any way during my 59 years on earth, it is, from a human perspective, because one man was courageous and loving enough to share the gospel with me. One man cared. One man made a huge difference.”

Wearing Your Christianity on Your Sleeve: What Helps Evangelism– An approach more natural to my personality, which still allows me to wear Christianity on my sleeve, is to ask questions. In the midst of a normal and general conversation, I will ask people, “Do you attend church?”, “What do you think about religion?”, or “Do you mind if we talk about God?” It is a simple and straight-forward way to approach the subject.