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img_541e1485cc2bcBook Review: The Mystery of the Shemitah– “The bottom line is that, unfortunately, the significant problems that plague The Harbinger have possibly been exceeded in this book and so should give pause to anyone who takes the Word of God seriously.”


Penguins Stymied by Rope Across Their Path– Somebody needs to do a voiceover narration for this, preferably with a British accent.

6 Reasons Women Should Study Theology– “When theology is mentioned in a circle of women I have often found the response to be less than enthusiastic. Mention books on homemaking, marriage or parenting, on the other hand, and everyone seems interested. Why is that?”

pumpkin0Homemade Pumpkin Bread– Tis the season! Check out Haylee’s recipe over at Satisfaction Through Christ. I can’t wait to try it!

Did God Promise Health and Wealth?– Fantastic sermon on the prosperity gospel from Phil Johnson. “It is a perverse lie to teach that God guarantees healing, perpetual health, material wealth, and financial affluence to anyone who will give money to some anointed miracle-merchant (but only if you have enough faith to believe that God will give you whatever you claim).”

Have Babies, Just Not Yet– “We might not say it in so many words, but deep down many of us believe that a woman should earn her place as a mom and take advantage of all of the choices our culture has to offer her before she is held back by a baby.”

10WaysOwen10 Ways to Exercise Christlike Headship– Here’s one for the guys. “…The husband, in John Piper’s seminal words, is the one who takes “primary responsibility for Christlike servant leadership, protection, and provision in the home.”