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Feelings Are Real, But Are They Always the Truth?– I just feel like you should read this.

Pig in a Blanket– Awww, check out this cute little piggie and his cookie.

What the Bible Teaches About Spanking– In the wake of an NFL player’s arrest, Denny Burk has a phenomenal set of resources for us.

Top 10 Christian Songs that Also Work as Parodies of Christian Songs– I hardly remember most of these, but it’s still funny.

Anti-Theft Device– I wonder if this would work in America…

Three Questions To Help Diagnose Possible Football Idolatry– “Wherever there is a consuming passion for anything that is not God there is the danger of idolatry. And football is certainly a consuming passion for many in this country.”

Debunking the “Holy Ghost” Movie– If you’re thinking about seeing the new movie “Holy Ghost,” or if you’re into the signs and wonders/words of knowledge thing, you really need to check this out. Also, thanks to my friend Christine over at Sola Sisters for this awesome plethora of resources along the same lines.