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Welcome to a Reformed Church– Ever wondered what a Reformed (Calvinist) church is really all about? Ligonier is giving away this e-book FREE, in various formats, for the month of September.

Isn’t It Crazy How Good We All Are?– Adam4d nails it again. “People like to set the ‘bad person’ bar just above their own heads.”

7 Smartphone Photography Tips and Tricks– The only thing I don’t like about this is that my phone does not have the panorama feature. Waah.

5 Questions to Ask When Reading the Bible– You might want to print this out and use it as a Bible bookmark. I’m just sayin’.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Nerf Guns– If you have boys, here’s your birthday/Christmas shopping list.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products to Save Money– DIY homemaking brilliance from my friend and fellow blogger, Lauren, over at Satisfaction Through Christ.

Christianese– Hilarity in a tape series (for you youngsters, “tapes” are antique CDs).