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Just a quick note to apologize to my subscribers for the last couple of e-mails you have received with 404 error messages. WordPress is in the process of switching over to a new posting platform, and apparently they haven’t yet taught the new platform the difference between “publish immediately” and “schedule”.  :0) Thanks for bearing with us.

The Ice Bucket Missions Challenge– Have you taken the challenge yet?The Ice Bucket Missions Challenge- Have you taken the challenge yet?

How I Learned to Speak in Tongues and Then Never Do It Again– An interesting article from someone who has been through the Charismatic experience and decided to leave it behind. Part 2 is here.

Disney Princess Proposals– Well, this guy had a unique idea for his Disney pictures.

6 Truths to Remember When a Christian Leader Screws Up Royally– Might want to bookmark this excellent article. Sadly, this happens way too often.

Slippery Squirrel– Don’t watch this at work. You’ll laugh so loudly your boss will want to come in and look overy your shoulder.

How the Bible and Homework Can Help Your Child– “Use his required reading time to grow him in his knowledge of God, and pray that his time produces spiritual fruit.”

Christian Yoga: An Oxymoron?– “Just as there is no Christian Ouija board and no Christian astrology, so there is no Christian Yoga that is either truly Yoga or truly Christian.”