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Lesley’s Lagniappe is a day early this week because, unbelievably, I have too much content for the rest of the week to do it tomorrow :0)

The Lord’s Supper– I’ve really been enjoying Joe Thorn’s series of articles on all the ins and outs of the way we Southern Baptists do communion. From who’s allowed to partake to why we sip instead of dip, he covers all the details briefly, biblically, and in an easy to understand way. Every Southern Baptist should read these articles (they would also make excellent lessons for group study), and if you’re another denomination but have wondered why our way differs from your way, this will explain.

TGC 2014 Women’s Conference– Ladies, if you’re looking for some good, doctrinally sound listening material, the sessions from this year’s The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference have been uploaded.

New dad comforts crying baby– Hanky alert. Dads, your little girls will never stop needing this from you.

Comfort for Christian Parents of Unconverted Children– “You cannot save your child yourself no matter how hard you try. You are in a position of trust alone. This is good…”

Best “Man on the Street” Interview, Ever. Apparently.- This kid’s phenomenal. He’ll probably be your boss one day.

Surprise: Pro Gay Marriage Christians Reject the Rest of Christian Teaching About Sex and Marriage, Too– Gotta tell ya, the title notwithstanding, this wasn’t much of a surprise to me.

There Will Be No Sea in the New Heaven and New Earth– “For people who have a love for the seashore…it may seem strange to contemplate a new earth without any sea. But to the ancient Jew, it was a different matter.”