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Is ISIS Beheading Children In Iraq?– “As Christians, we have a duty to champion the truth. We should avoid spreading unsubstantiated claims and inflaming dread and panic by playing on people’s natural disgust of harm to children.”

Book Review: Break Out! by Joel Osteen– “If Disneyworld was a church, Joel Osteen would be the pastor. Break Out! is basically a combination of ‘When You Wish upon a Star’ and ‘A Whole New World.’” This is an excellent review of Joel Osteen’s new book, and, frankly, his entire so-called ministry.

7 Ways to Ruin a Prayer Meeting– Or you could just do the opposite of these and make it awesome.

Signs– This would have been an awesome place to take my students when I was teaching sign language.

Documenting the Problems with Mark Driscoll– If you’re just now tuning in to the story about Seattle megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll and wondering what all the kerfuffle is about, Sola Sisters has compiled a helpful clearinghouse of documentation.

15 Famous Landmarks Zoomed Out– Prepare to have your idyllic illusions shattered.

The Hateful Practice of Redefinition– “God forbid that someone feel bad for doing bad.”