Welcome to Missions Monday!

“Attempt great things for God; expect great things from God.”

Do you know who William Carey was?

Known as the “Father of Modern Missions,” and one of the founding members of the Baptist Missionary Society, he was a pastor and missionary to India, where he eventually translated the Bible into 37 different Indian dialects.

But I’ll bet you’ve never heard of his sister, Polly.  And you should.  Give this short article about Polly Carey a read and learn how she did great things for the kingdom by undergirding her brother’s ministry in prayer. We can’t all be a William, but we can all be a Polly.

Would you please be a “Polly” today for a missionary who needs your prayers? Please click on one of the above logos and pray for just one of the prayer requests listed for a North American or International Missionary, or pray for another missionary you know of.


The video above was recently posted on Facebook by HistoryMakers, a missions organization.  Why not give them a “like” today?